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Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:


Casa Grande Village3100 E Whitmore Ave Ceres, CA. 95307(209) 537-4527
Ceres Christian Terrace1859 Richard Way Ceres, CA. 95307(209) 537-5712
Hale Aloha Convalescent Hosp1711 Richland Ave Ceres, CA. 95307(209) 537-4581
Sunset Care Home2325 Gilbert Rd Ceres, CA. 95307(209) 538-4254
Georgia's Love & Care HomePo Box 669 Empire, CA. 95319(209) 521-5350
Amber Lights2124 Wylie Dr # 239 Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 529-3104
Anders Guest Home1309 Oakwood Dr Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 576-7053
Arbor Valley Nursing & Rehab1310 W Granger Ave Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 524-4817
Ava Maria Guest Homes656 Paradise Rd Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 522-1569
Bethel Retirement Community2345 Scenic Dr Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 577-1901
Cameron Villa Apartments160 Mark Randy Pl Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 577-1528
Casa De Modesto Ctr1745 Eldena Way Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 529-4950
Celeste Villa Retirement Ctr1316 Celeste Dr Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 521-7613
Central Valley Surgery Ctr201 E Orangeburg Ave # D Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 544-7000
Colonial Farms Apartments3120 Pelandale Ave Modesto, CA. 95356(209) 545-3925
Colony Park Care Ctr159 E Orangeburg Ave Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 526-2811
Covenant Care3620 Dale Rd Modesto, CA. 95356(209) 342-0967
Crestwood Manor1400 Celeste Dr Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 526-8050
Davis Guest Home1878 E Hatch Rd Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 538-1496
Davis Guest House1628 Nadine Ave Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 538-1346
Del Nido Apartments2100 Wylie Dr # 68 Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 529-2526
Del Rio Extended Care3813 Wesson Ranch Rd Modesto, CA. 95356(209) 523-6877
Doctor's Medical CtrPo Box 4138 Modesto, CA. 95352(209) 578-1211
El Casa Verde1513 Robertson Rd # B Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 526-4627
English Oaks Convalescent2633 W Rumble Rd Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 577-1001
Evergreen Convalescent Hosp2030 Evergreen Ave Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 577-1055
Houser Manor1121 Houser Ln Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 571-3123
Hy-Lond Convalescent Hospital1900 Coffee Rd Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 526-1775
La Loma Senior Apartments1220 La Loma Ave # 1 Modesto, CA. 95354(209) 575-2275
Marple Manor530 Coffee Rd Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 521-8233
Memorial Medical Center1700 Coffee Rd Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 526-4500
Modesto Convalescent Hospital515 E Orangeburg Ave Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 529-0516
Modesto Manor Care Home2028 E Orangeburg Ave Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 526-0275
Modesto Rehabilition Hospital730 17th St Modesto, CA. 95354(209) 523-9006
Oakwood Residential Care Home1322 Oakwood Dr Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 521-3729
Orangeburg Manor1248 Nelson Ave Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 527-2222
Parkview Christian Estates3112 Napier Dr Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 521-0860
Prompt Care-Memorial Hospital1700 Coffee Rd Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 572-7251
Ralston Tower900 17th St Modesto, CA. 95354(209) 521-8900
Redwood Retirement Ctr1030 California Ave Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 529-6698
Regent Court Assisted Living2325 Saint Pauls Way Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 491-0800
Rick & Kate's Country Guest Hm1325 Houser Ln Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 575-3662
Santa Paula Commons1500 Santa Paula Dr Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 575-3071
Scenic Circle Care Ctr1611 Scenic Dr Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 523-5667
Sherwood Manor Apartments733 Maze Blvd Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 524-4901
Silverwood Mobile Park3955 Coffee Rd # 2 Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 526-8664
Standiford Place3420 Shawnee Dr Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 521-7000
Stanislaus Behavioral HealthPo Box 3271 Modesto, CA. 95353(209) 558-4700
Stanislaus Eye Surgery Ctr1421 Oakdale Rd # 2 Modesto, CA. 95355(209) 579-8800
Stanislaus Housing Authority1701 Robertson Rd Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 523-0705
Valley Comfort2809 Lou Ann Dr Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 544-8676
Villa Rest Home1232 Nadine Ave Modesto, CA. 95351(209) 522-2290
Vinewood Apartments Senior2600 Standiford Ave Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 523-4152
Vintage Faire Convalescent Hsp3620 Dale Rd # B Modesto, CA. 95356(209) 521-2094
Walnut Grove For Seniors2801 Lou Ann Dr Modesto, CA. 95350(209) 575-1950
Bel-Air Lodge Hospital180 Starr Ave Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 632-1075
Brandel Manor-Emanuel Med Ctr1801 N Olive Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 667-5600
Covenant Village Care Ctr2125 N Olive Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 664-5300
Denair Manor Apartments550 Wayside Dr Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 632-8545
Elness Convalescent Hospital812 W Main St Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 667-2828
Emanuel Medical Ctr825 Delbon Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 667-4200
Excell Linwood2907 W Linwood Ave Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 668-8653
Las Palmas Estates1617 Colorado Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 632-8841
Lifespring Senior Campus936 Geer Rd Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 634-7764
Mary A Home1080 Edwards Dr Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 667-5146
Monte Vista Manor Board & Care1319 E Monte Vista Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 667-2262
Sequoia Personal Care Ctr2125 N Olive Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 634-8146
St Mary's Lodge Assoc242 S Laurel St Turlock, CA. 95380(209) 634-4606
St Thomas Retirement Ctr2937 N Berkeley Ave Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 634-7252
Turlock Nursing & Rehab Ctr1111 E Tuolumne Rd Turlock, CA. 95382(209) 632-3821
Letting someone know you're thinking about them when they're sick or feeling down can make such a difference. Send your friend or loved one the gift of flowers to lift their spirits. Get well soon gift baskets are another great choice. We can fill them with juice and snacks, which is perfect for someone needing their bed rest. We can deliver to all local hospitals as well as homes in Ceres and even across the country! Give us a call, stop by, or shop online! We have everything you need to help them get well soon!

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